Bicycle bags

The brief: Amsterdam-based e-bike brand Qwic approached me to create a concept for a custom bicycle panier that can be also used as a backpack for one of their top-of-the-line ranges of performance e-bikes.

The result: together with then in-house designer Marijn Molenaar I studied the bike parameters and restrictions and proposed a backpack panier concept that was innovative in both look and function.

I produced sketches, renderings, color choices, fabric and factory recommendations, technical drawings and a basic but semi-functional prototype together with my collaborator at Stitsj.

Please note that the drawings are partly confidential because the product was never released on the market despite initial enthusiasm.

The brief: Fietsklik, a bike accessories brand based in the Netherlands hired me to improve and expand their line of modular bicycle interface plus fitting bags, baskets and accessories.

The result: A range of concepts and prototypes including baskets and bags: backpacks, briefs and panniers. All the models were to take advantage of a new mechanical attachment part that was to be designed by one of the company owners. My challenge was to improve on the existing models both in terms of function and aesthetics.

The product ideas were created based on the market strategy determined by the co-owners of the brand. I created concept sketches, marker renderings and technical drawings for 2 different models of bags that were intended to carry both as panier and backpack.

Great attention was given to sustainable fabrics, leather details and deluxe hardware and closures. After observing many interdependencies and parameters I created a TechPack containing technological innovations as well as elegant fashionable solutions.

The bicycle bags also needed two special metal custom buckles which I was also able to design and engineer in a 3d modelling program. The prototypes were well-received and revised twice but unfortunately the concept did not reach production.